Configure Electronic Signature capture in Pega

E-Signature capture control allows you to capture a user’s signature when using either a desktop application or a mobile app. once a user has input a signature, it is added to the work item as an image attachment. This control works when used in the context of a work object. Interacting with this control in an application occurs by displaying a field inline where a signature can be scribbled

Steps to Add E-signature:

  • App explorer–>Case type–>User Interface–>Section–>Select your section you want to add Signature Capture
  • Click “Convert to full section editor”
  • Drag & Drop signature capture field into the layout  (Data Capture–>signature capture) or Change the existing property type into “pxSignature” Capture

  • Go to Cell properties and customize the width & height of the  Signature capture

  • Save and Run the Casetype

  • “pxSignatureCapture” saved into “Data-Content-Image” class

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  1. Hello! Thank you for sharing!
    I wanted to attach the signature into generated document in pega 8.5.1
    Is it possible to change the saved name of signature capture that saved in Data-Content-Image class? If it is doable, how to achieve it?

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