1. In a job application case, a hiring manager and a recruiter must receive automatic email notifications when assignments are routed to their worklists. How do you configure this correspondence requirement?

  1. Before the assignment, add a Send Email step
  2. Enable assignment notifications for the case type
  3. Compose email notifications in the assignments
  4. After the assignment, add a Send Email step

Answer: B

2. Which two statements identify why you automate correspondence? (Choose Two)

  1. Automating correspondence allows you to send timely communication
  2. Automating correspondence allows for sending consistent information to users
  3. Automating correspondence allows you to advance the case
  4. Automating correspondence keeps all interested parties informed of the current case status.

Answer: A & B

3. You configure a case to automatically send an email to loan applicants, informing them that their loan has been approved. The requirement states that the email must include values for the applicant’s name, the loan office, and the loan amount. How do you configure your email?

  1. Add placeholder text for the applicant’s name, loan office, and amount
  2. Copy values into the email for the applicant name, loan office, and loan amount
  3. Add the applicant’s name, loan office, and loan amount properties
  4. Include a link to the organization’s website page so the user can log in and view their loan information.

Answer: C

4. Which two statements best describe the relationship between rules in App Studio and Dev Studio? (Choose Two)

  1. Rule configurations performed in App Studio must be approved by a developer in Dev Studio.
  2. Developers can use Dev Studio to combine rules into solutions such as completed views or processes for use in App Studio.
  3. App Studio and Dev Studio store rules in different application layers.
  4. Developers in App Studio and Dev Studio configure the same rules, but Dev Studio provides more configuration options.

Answer: B, D

5. An application references a data element found in the Work- class. How is this rule inherited by the application?

  1. By applying directed inheritance.
  2. By adding the ruleset that contains the property to the application.
  3. By applying pattern inheritance.
  4. By naming PegaRULES as the built-on application.

Answer: A

6. You check out a rule to update it. While the rule is checked out, another developer decides to test a case type by creating and processing the case. What happens when the application attempts to use the rule you checked out?

  1. The application returns an error and stops processing the case because the rule is unavailable for use.
  2. The application runs the checked-out version of the rule, because that is the most up-to-date version of the rule.
  3. The application cannot run because the rule is unavailable.
  4. The application ignores the checked-out version of the rule because the checked-out version of the rule is available only to you.

Answer: D

7. Select the three ways in which a secured ruleset maintains rule integrity. (Choose Three)

  1. By providing an audit trail for rule updates
  2. By preventing developers from deleting rules used by previous versions of an application
  3. By preventing an untested rule from executing
  4. By preventing App Studio from changing a rule configuration
  5. By requiring an explicit action to update a rule

Answer: A, B & E

8. In which of the following situations would you use a data transform?

  1. Execute a flow action.
  2. Create properties after the case has been created
  3. Reuse properties in two forms
  4. Copy data from one page to another

Answer: D

9. A healthcare services case has a child case that handles the hospital intake questionnaire. The patient can self-identify symptoms from a list of possible symptoms in the child case. Selected symptoms are copied over to the parent case with a status of “Unconfirmed.” In the parent case, the physician can update the symptoms listed and their associated status.

Which two configurations would be part of the Selected Symptoms data transform? (Choose Two)

  1. Set the status for each copied symptom equal to “Unconfirmed.”
  2. Iterate over the list of possible symptoms and copy those entries selected by the patient during intake.
  3. Create a new property for each selected symptom and copy the properties to the parent case.
  4. Remove unselected symptoms from the source of possible symptoms.
  5. Copy the list of possible symptoms and set a filter on the parent case view to filter the list by selected symptoms.

Answer: A & B

10. How does the passed deadline interval differ from the goal and deadline intervals?

  1. Goal, deadline, and passed deadline intervals are configured in Dev Studio only
  2. Goal and deadline intervals do not repeat.
  3. Passed deadline intervals do not have urgency values.
  4. Passed deadline intervals do not have escalation actions.

Answer: B

11. A customer service representative (CSR) must respond to emails within 24 hours. Otherwise, the assignment is considered late, and the urgency increases by 20. For every additional 6 hours that the CSR does not respond, the CSR’s manager is notified, and the urgency increases by 20. If the case reaches the assignment at 4 P.M. Tuesday and the assignment starts with an urgency of 10, what is the assignment urgency at 1 P.M. Thursday?

  1. 80
  2. 50
  3. 100
  4. 90

Answer: D

12. A PDF file attached to the case has the wrong layout. Which rule or setting do you check to address this issue?

  1. Check the page orientation and size settings in the Create PDF step.
  2. Check the length of text fields used to create the PDF document.
  3. Check the image settings that are used in the PDF document.
  4. Check the section specified in the Create PDF step of the case life cycle.

Answer: D

13. Attaching PDF files to the case increases case data size, which can result in issues such as slow processing and larger database size. Choose two options that can reduce PDF file size. (Choose Two)

  1. Create multiple small files, instead of one multi-page file.
  2. Reduce the page size dimensions.
  3. Reduce the amount of information included in the PDF file.
  4. Eliminate or reduce the number of pictures and graphics in the PDF.
  5. Select a smaller font size.

Answer: C & D

14. What are two methods that you can use to share attached PDF files outside the case? (Choose Two)

  1. Download the attached PDF file.
  2. Copy the file from the application server.
  3. Send the PDF by email using a Send email step.
  4. Copy the file from the database server.

Answer: A & C

15. Your application requires a cascading approval for expense reports. Approvals must follow the submitter’s reporting structure, with the following thresholds. The manager must approve expense reports of USD500 or less. A director must approve expense reports of USD1500 or less. A vice president must approve expense reports of USD1500 or higher. How do you configure the approval process?

  1. Select the reporting structure configuration with custom levels, then configure a decision table to determine the number of levels.
  2. Select the reporting structure configuration, then select All levels.
  3. Select the authority matrix configuration option.
  4. Select the reporting structure configuration with custom levels, then configure when rules to determine the number of levels.

Answer: D

16. A job recruiter is screening candidates to assess their qualifications. The recruiter determines whether the candidate matches the targeted position, matches a different position in the company, or does not match any position. A decision table, based on the recruiter’s feedback, automatically advances the case through the appropriate connector, which is named Selected Position, Targeted Position, or Reject. Which two configurations would be part of the decision table? (Choose Two)

  1. Create one column for Feedback, with three rows for the three possible decisions.
  2. Create a single column for Position.
  3. Create separate columns for Selected Position, Targeted Position, and Reject.
  4. Create separate rows for Matches Position, Matches another Position, and Does Not Match Any Position.

Answer: A & D

17. Candidate hiring decisions are based on the feedback from the interviewer and assessment test scores. If necessary, other skill test scores are used in the evaluation. 

• Candidates with an assessment score of 40 or less are automatically rejected. 

• Candidates with an assessment score of 60 or less are rejected if either their technical skill score or their interpersonal skill score is below 40.

• Candidates with assessment scores higher than 60 are automatically approved. 

You use a decision tree to make the evaluations. Which two branch configurations do you use in the decision tree? (Choose Two)

  1. An otherwise branch that tests for assessment scores less than 40.
  2. A top-level branch that tests for assessment scores less than 40.
  3. A top-level branch that evaluates both technical and interpersonal skill scores.
  4. Two nested branches — one to evaluate technical skill scores and another to evaluate interpersonal skill scores.

Answer: B & D

18. You have designed a decision tree that you want to test. You want to verify that the system can evaluate every row regardless of the input values. How do you test your decision tree logic?

  1. Check the decision tree for completeness.
  2. Check the decision tree for conflicts.
  3. Add the decision tree to a decision shape and create cases that use various test values.
  4. Run the case and use the Tracer tool.

Answer: B

19. You add a cascading approval step that uses an authority matrix, and you specify a decision table to determine the approvers for each case. You confirm that the conditions in the decision table are configured correctly. You test the configuration by entering requests that require multiple approvers. However, the application routes all requests to only one approver. Which of the following actions should you take to correct this issue?

  1. Add an approval level for each approver.
  2. Add a row to the decision table that evaluates the submitter’s work group manager.
  3. Set the decision table to evaluate all rows.
  4. Specify a page list for the authority matrix.

Answer: C

20. Which requirement can you satisfy by creating a new work queue?

  1. Policy renewals can be processed by any customer service representative (CSR), while coverage changes are assigned to members of a specialized team of underwriters and CSRs
  2. Requests for information from prospective customers are directed to the sales representative assigned to the appropriate territory
  3. Inquiries from customers with a higher status tier are triaged before inquiries from customers with a lower status tier
  4. Auditors can access a secondary view with additional information, but other users cannot access the secondary view.

Answer: A

21. Which requirement do you satisfy by creating a work group?

  1. Transaction disputes are directed to a different queue for customer service representatives than address changes
  2. Insurance claims are processed by a cross-functional team of appraisers, adjustors, and service representatives
  3. Case reviews that are not completed within 24 hours are escalated to the manager of the assigned worker
  4. Approvals are directed to the appropriate regional vice president.

Answer: B

22. Which scenario describes the type of information that is stored in pyWorkPage?

  1. The date and time a user created the Onboarding case
  2. The access groups for the customer service representative who is currently logged in to the application
  3. Information about the external storage provider for the UBank application
  4. A list of available properties in the Greater Boston metro area that are cached from a realtor’s database

Answer: A

23. Which two tasks can you perform with the Clipboard tool? (Choose Two)

  1. Update linked properties that reference the Customer data object.
  2. Review the current values of user data, such as the Operator ID and Access Groups.
  3. Update the vehicle model on a Vehicle information data page.
  4. Test decisions on a case by setting property values for a form that has not been submitted.

Answer: B & D

24. For which requirement must you configure a validate rule in Dev Studio?

  1. An email address is required for a case to enter the Approval stage.
  2. A timesheet submitted by a consultant assigned to a client project must be reviewed by an auditor.
  3. The value of the Date of service field must be no more than 15 days for a critical issue, and up to 60 days in the future for an issue with a lower priority.
  4. The amount of a transfer between accounts must be greater than zero and less than the available balance of the originating account.

Answer: C

25. A case type allows customers to specify a paint color and finish for a painting cost estimate. Which configuration prevents users from entering an invalid combination of colors and finishes on a form?

  1. Create picklists for the color and finish, each sourced from a data view.
  2. Configure a decision rule to test the combination of color and finish.
  3. Create a validate rule to test the combination of color and finish
  4. Configure an edit validate rule to test the combination of color and finish.

Answer: A

26. You need to add a field for a bank routing number to a view. The bank routing number must consist of only the numbers 0-9, including any leading zeros. Which configuration option ensures that users submit a valid bank routing number?

  1. Configure a validate rule to call an edit validate rule that checks whether the user input consists of only the numbers 0-9.
  2. Configure a validate rule to check whether the user input consists of only the numbers 0-9.
  3. Configure a validate rule to call an edit validate rule to add leading zeroes to any entry that contains fewer than nine digits.
  4. Configure a validate rule to check whether the user input is nine characters long.

Answer: A

27. You have added a page list property named Dependents to a view in the Case Designer. This page list contains the property .Relationship. You want to display the list in the view and populate a field with the default value of Not Applicable. How do you configure the pySetFieldDefaults data transform to meet this requirement?

  1. Set .Dependents(1).pyLabel and a comment action using the value Not Applicable
  2. Set Not Applicable to equal .Dependents(1).Relationship
  3. Set .Dependents(1).pyLabel to an empty string and a parameter named Not Applicable
  4. Set .Dependents(1).Relationship to Not Applicable

Answer: D

28. In the Personal Insurance division, a goal and deadline date are assigned to each case. For insurance claims cases, stakeholders want to override the default goal date but maintain the default deadline date. What two configuration steps do you take to meet this requirement? (Choose Two)

  1. In each case type data transform, set the goal date to the required value.
  2. In the Claims data transform, for each case type, configure an Update Page action and set the goal date value.
  3. Select the Call superclass data transform option in the Claims data transform and clear the option in the parent data transform.
  4. Select the Call superclass data transform option in each of the case type data transforms.

Answer: A & D

29. In which two scenarios should you use a data transform to set default property values? (Choose Two)

  1. A customer receives a suggested product based on recent product search history.
  2. A developer uses proxy customer data to run development tests.
  3. An assignment is automatically assigned to the default work queue for the consulting team.
  4. A manager approves or refuses hardware purchases within a week of the purchase request submission date.
  5. The arrival day and departure day for a hotel reservation is equal to today and tomorrow, respectively.

Answer: B & E

30. A product return case must always show the current contact information for a customer. The case sources the contact information from the customer database to display in a header section on each step. Which is the best implementation for this use case?

  1. Reference a data page with customer information directly from UI controls.
  2. Configure a page property with the Copy data from a data page option selected
  3. Configure a page property with the Refer to a data page option selected.
  4. Configure a data transform to populate the data model with customer data directly

Answer: C

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