Now a days there is no growth for manual tester as every thing is getting automated in software World.

This Blog is for the persons who is unable to move in to automation testing they can move their career in to Pega testing.

Pega testing with automation and API testing have full demand on these days in IT industries.

Basic questions raising by Pega Testers

1. What is pega?

Pega is a BPM tool (web application) we can develop the software by using this tool.

By using Pega mostly will develop software for customer relationship management, digital process automation, and business process management.

Pega automates our work we can develop application without any coding.

It is a licensed tool and developed by Pega systems

2. Who developed Pega?

Alan Tefler is the founder of Pega systems

3. How much time needed to learn Pega Testing?

If you are concentrating on testing it takes you 10 days to get the knowledge of the tool

4. Can we do any Pega certifications for Testing?

Yes we can go for PCSA (Pega Certified System Architect)

5. How Pega tool is built ?

Pega tool is built on Java and it uses java and oops concepts