What is the CLSA Journey?

We are once again offering ongoing support for individuals who want to achieve their Certified Lead System Architect accreditation within a given timeframe. Our aim is to help you complete this challenge within the year by keeping you on target and providing access to specialized study materials.

How can I join the CLSA Journey?

In 2022, we are offering the Mentored PCLSA Program. This will include 24 hours of live instruction, exam preparation, access to an exclusive PCLSA panel, and a discounted total rate for the Mentored LSA course and exams, totaling to $1,500 USD (normally valued over $6,000 USD). To enroll, go to our public course schedule and enroll in the Mentored Lead System Architect Course. 

What is the timeline for exam completion?

All program participants must enroll in the Mentored Lead System Architect course via our public course schedule. If the participant attends the full course and remains engaged in the course, by completing all coursework, they will be eligible to move forward in the next steps towards the PCLSA exam.

All participants will be required to complete either the Architect Exam or a pre-determined alternative assignment. More information will be shared prior to the start of the course. 

What are the resources that will be available to me?

  • 24 hours of live instruction 
  • Exam preparation 
  • Access to an exclusive PCLSA Panel 
  • Discounted rate for the PCLSA exams 

Where can I go if I have any questions regarding the program?

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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Your PCLSA journey begins here

Pega Lead System Architects lead implementation teams and ensure that solutions leverage the technology to provide optimum business value. They provide technical mentoring and leadership across teams.

The PCLSA Learning Path Overview

This learning path combines Pega Academy courses with on-the-job experience to ensure that system architects get exposure to the breadth and depth of Pega products which is required to perform effectively in a leading role.

full certified lead system architect path

PCLSA Prerequisites

PCLSA is the highest level of technical achievement in Pega. Prior to training as a Lead System Architect, individuals must gain field experience and demonstrate their technical aptitude by earning first their System Architect and then their Senior System Architect certifications. 



Build Expertise

After earning Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) certification, Pega recommends that real-world experience of at least 12 months be gained before attempting to achieve the PCLSA certification. Working twelve months or longer implementing Pega applications expands the depth of Pega knowledge and builds the expertise that is required to successfully complete the program.

However, recognizing that each person has different project implementation opportunities, Pega recommends that PCLSA candidates at a minimum become familiar with the features and functions of the latest Pega version prior to starting the PCLSA program. The Senior System Architect mission will help you learn about the latest features and functions.

12+ months experience

Senior System Architect topics include:

  • Customizing Security Requirements in Pega Applications
  • Configuring Background Processing 
  • Customizing the User Experience 
  • Improving Application Performance 
  • Creating Mobile Solutions
  • …and much more! 

Lead System Architect Course

Senior system architects who pass the LSA Readiness Assessment can take the Lead System Architect mission or register for the Lead System Architect Instructor-Led course.  The two week course teaches best practices in technical design and architecture of a Pega application. System architects use their configuration skills to build an application that they design and architect.  

Topics include:

  • Pega Platform Design
  • Application Design
  • Data Model Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Security Design
  • Reporting Design
  • Asynchronous Processing Design
  • Work Delegation Design
  • Deployment and Testing Design
application design and build phase

Testing Requirements

To complete the PCLSA certification, system architects must take and pass two exams in the following order:

  • Pega Architecture Exam 
  • LSA Architecture Design/Application Build

Pega Architecture Exam

The Pega Architecture exam validates that system architects have mastered the design and architecture skills taught in the Lead System Architect course and that they can guide an application development team on configuration decisions. 

The Pega Architecture exam is a two hour standard exam that is delivered at Pearson VUE testing centers. The cost is $175 per exam attempt. The exam blueprint, which includes prerequisites and exam topics, is available here in Pega Academy. Additional exam information and registration is available at the Pearson VUE site. PCLSA candidates only need to pass the Architecture exam once in any version to be eligible for the LSA App Build.

You can prepare for the Pega Architecture exam by taking the PCLSA Architecture Exam Preparation Clinic, available for free. View the schedule in Pega Academy.

PCLSA Application Design and Build

After successfully completing the LSA Architecture exam (in any version), the final step is the PCLSA Application Design & Build. The PCLSA App Design/Build tests one’s ability to architect, implement and analyze Pega Platform solutions. Working within a set of business requirements, system architects will be required to:

  • Document your analysis and solutions using a supplied documentation template
  • Design and implement extensible and reusable solutions for new requirements
  • Analyze key areas of the current design and identify architectural deficiencies

Now comprised of two individual phases, candidates will be responsible for designing a solution to business scenarios in Phase I. Candidates will then implement a solution based on their proposed design for one of these scenarios in Phase II.

The Application Design phase of the exam is completed over a 7 day period, and requires a score of 75% in order to pass. This portion of the exam will require candidates to review business scenarios and determine optimal designs for various aspects of each solution by documenting their design thought process. Candidates who live in non-native English speaking countries will be allowed 14 days for the Application Design phase of the exam. (View our Pega Academy FAQ for information on which countries are included to receive additional time.)

Next, the Application Build phase is also completed over a 7 day period. The App Build requires a score of 75% in order to pass. This portion of the exam will require candidates to fully implement a Pega application based on the optimal designs proposed for one of the business scenarios in the App Design phase.

Each phase of the exam requires approximately 35 hours to complete (depending on experience)This time allocation should give a candidate time to complete the exam with minimal disruption to their normal work schedule.

The PCLSA Application design/build exam is managed by Pegasystems. The cost is $600 USD per attempt. This includes the cost of the App Design, and is passed, the App Build.

To schedule the exam, please contact the CLSA Team at [email protected] along with your PEGA ID (found on your Pearson Vue score report). Please note you will only be able to reschedule your exam (all parts) up to three times. Any exams not completed within this guideline will be withdrawn without a full refund. 

You can prepare for the PCLSA Application Build with the PCLSA App Design and Build Preparation Clinic, available for free. View the schedule in Pega Academy.

Visit the Pega Collaboration Center to find App Build exam samples and receive test-taking advice from instructors.