Change default Application font in Pega

  • Pega platform uses the best possible font in its user interface.
  • However, in case the default font setting appears to be too illegible for users.
  • The application skin rule is allowed to customize a default font based on developer preference.
  • In this article, you can learn how to customize the application default font in the Pega platform

Steps to change Application font:

  • Open your Application skin rule
  • Records–>User Interface–>Skin–>Select your Application skin rule
  • Go to the “Base settings” tab and select font from the overall font list
  • Pega provides the following list of fonts:
  1. Arial
  2. Arial black
  3. Arial Narrow
  4. Calibri
  5. Cambria
  6. Candara
  7. Comic Sans MS
  8. Constantia
  9. Corbel
  10. Courier New
  11. Georgia
  12. Open Sans
  13. Tahoma
  14. Times New Roman
  15. Trebuchet MS
  16. Verdana
  • For other fonts, select “Other” in Overall font and enter your font name

  • Save and Run the Casetype to see the changes

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  1. Hi, just wondering how the background text colour can change while on click? Sorry for bad english, Thanks man.

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