What is Case Id in Pega:

  • Case ID is the permanent, unique identifier of a case.
  • Use case IDs to find cases that are relevant to our application or organization.
  • Application generates case IDs in the format [prefix]-[integer]-[suffix].
  • By default, the prefix is a single character that your application derives from the name of the case type that you provide when you create or import a case type.
  • Prefixes are required but do not need to be unique.
  • The integer in a case ID increases by one each time that you create a case.
  • Because case IDs are reserved before a case is successfully created, and more than one case type can share a prefix, you cannot use the integer part of a case ID to count the number of cases in your application.
  • The suffix in a case ID is blank by default because it is optional.
  • We can customize the default format of case IDs in the application.
  • Providing a meaningful prefix and suffix, help users quickly distinguish instances of one case type from instances of another case type.

Approach 1:

  • Casetype–>settings tab–>General
  • Case Id prefix field enter the Case Id you want

Approach 2:

  • Application Definition–>Cass & data tab
  • Work ID prefix field enter the case Id you want

Appproach 3:

  • Open “GenerateID” Activity
  • “Work-Cover-” class–>Technical–>Activity–>GenerateID
  • In Call “Work-.GenerateID” method parameters, IDPrefix field enter the case Id you want
  • Save and Run the Case to see the changes

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