1. Configure Casetype:

  • Create Casetype & Add two properties
Property NameProperty TypeOptions

2. Create DataTransform:

  • Create–>DataModel–>DataTransform

  • For getting the day as integer
    • @weekday(.SelectDate)
  • To call decision table from the data transform
    • @DecisionTable.ObtainValue(tools,myStepPage,”GetDayfromDate”,true)

3. Create Decision Table:

  • Create–>Decision–>Decision Table
  • In Condition column, Select .pyNote field

4. Configure Section:

  • Go to Section (App explorer–>Casetype–>UserInterface–>Section)
  • Click “Convert into full section editor”
  • In SelectDate field, add action set as follows
  • Event–>Change ; Action–>Refresh this section (plugin DataTransform)

Save and Run the casetype

Check value of Day field in Clipboard pyWorkPage

Youtube Video: