Steps to customize Login Screen:

1. Create Ruleset:

  • Records–>Sysadmin–>Ruleset–>Create
FieldsSample Values
Ruleset NameUnauthenticate
  • Click “Create and Open”

2. Add Ruleset into Application:

  • Open Application Definition
  • Add Created Ruleset into Application Rulesets

3. Create Access Group:

  • Create–>Security–>Access Group
FieldsSample Values
Short DescriptionUnauthenticated
Access Group NameUnauthenticated
  • Click “Create and Open”
FieldsSample Values
Application NameABC
Application Version01.01.01
Available portalsPyCaseManager7
Available rolesPegaRULES:Guest
Production RulesetsUnauthenticated:01-01-01

4. Add Access group into browser starting connection:

  • Open Requestor type instances: Records–>Sysadmin–>Requestor Type
  • Select browser starting connection: System Name–>Pega ; Requestor type–>Browser
  • Add created Access group and select

5. Create Binary file:

  • To change the login screen background image, create a binary file
  • Create–>Technical–>Binary File
  • Upload background image you want to change in the login screen and submit

6. Customize Web-Login Page:

  • Search “Web-Login” HTML page (@baseclass) in Search bar and select
  • Save as this HTML rule into the created ruleset
  • Add below HTML Code inside style element (Line 94) to change the background image
    • body{
    • background-image:url(“webwb/binaryfilename.filetype”);
    • background-size:100% 100%;
    • }
  • Save and check-in

7. Customize py-login-screen:

  • Search py-login-screen in search bar and save as into created ruleset
  • For customize HTML–>Web-Login
  • For Customize CSS–>py-login-screen

Save all the Rules and Logout to check the login screen
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