Configure Modal dialog box in Pega

  • Modal dialog box combines a pop-up window with a flow action, as the front-most screen where the user is working.
  • Modal dialog box is an interaction with the user, such as a form to be filled in or a statement to be acknowledged, that pops up in its own window on top of the application.
  • User cannot continue in the application without processing the form or dismissing the modal dialog box.
  • Flow action provides the section or sections containing the form fields that the user must complete.
  • When the user submits the form, the system updates the work item and the modal dialog closes.
  • User can then continue working with the main screen

Steps to configure Modal dialog:

1. Create Section:

  • Create–>User Interface–>Section
  • Click “Convert into full section editor”
  • Add paragraph field
  • Add paragraph rule and plugin to section

2. Create Flow Action:

  • Create–>Process–>Flow Action
  • In the layout tab, select section created initially

3. Create Flow

  • Create–>Process–>Flow
  • In Assignment Connector, select flow action  created initially

4. Configure Main Section:

  • App explorer–>Casetype–>User Interface–>Section–>Select your section you want to add Modal dialog
  • Add a button field, and configure Action-Set for it
  • Event–>Click ; Action–>Flow in modal dialog
  • In the Flow Name field, select a flow created initially
  • Save and Run the Casetype

Save all the rules and Run the Casetype

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  1. Hi team, loving all your posts. Keep up the good work and do more. I would like to request one topic. It is email listener. Suppose, we get an attachment in the mail. The attachment contains few properties. The case should be created by picking up the properties from that attachments

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